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Take the colors and energy of Harajuku, blend that with Western urban culture, add a pinch of Asian and Indian mix, then top it off with DeepSleep magic and you have BUBUSAN. Seen as the badass, creative little brother to AZABU Miami Beach – BUBUSAN is more than sushi in a pretty box, it’s a fictitious character with no known identity who embraces everyone, lives in the present, and spreads positivity.

We dreamed up BUBUSAN as a brand with no restrictions – “by belonging to no one, BUBU belongs to everyone.” The creative freedom that came from not being tied down to any particular ‘identity’ is what makes BUBU a champion of all styles and genres – and a home for all sushi lovers, artists, and celebrators of life.

Sushi is all about artistry and presentation, so we created packaging artwork that you can stare at for 10 minutes and still not spot every detail. It’s mesmerizing, it’s mystical, and the shapes and colors are meant to draw attention on the streets.

But wait, we’re not done – inside each box is a virtual reality experience in which customers can scan a QR code to unveil BUBU’s special message. For a takeout/delivery concept like BUBUSAN, going the extra lengths to create a multi-layered experience is key to building a deeper connection with customers.