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Transporting a uniquely Japanese hospitality experience to a new country is easy – well, no: it’s incredibly hard and nuanced. But it can be done through the right partnership. Plan Do See – creator of Azabu – is voted a top-ten hospitality group in Japan with a portfolio of 5-star hotels and Michelin awarded restaurants.

They were interested in entering the ever-changing culinary scene in Miami, so we flew to Japan to better understand the experience they offer guests. We quickly realized that our collaboration would be less about the sushi (although divine), and more about a deep-rooted culture of artistry, passion and service – the spirit of omotenashi.

Remarkably detailed and delicately crafted for each order, Azabu’s cuisine served as our well of inspiration for developing our touchpoints and creating a digital identity that matches the heart and honesty embedded into every dish.

Our photography and video content aimed to capture each element involved in the creation of the Azabu experience – from the artistry in preparation and presentation, to the masterful service.


A design induced drunkenness