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Cannabis stands as one of the most rapidly shifting industries in regard to both cultural perceptions and business models. As players from small to large dispensaries race for ways to differentiate their brands, we saw two choices in working with Xander’s: repeat what is currently being done in the overall industry, or introduce an evolved aesthetic that follows the spirit of marijuana, feels insulated from the noise, and makes everyone feel welcome. In choosing the latter option, we collaborated with Saladino Design Studios to create a space for soccer moms, experienced veterans, and all smokers in between to flip through smoking accessories, edibles, and pre-rolls as if they were tea – a weed infused Starbucks, if you will.

Walking into Xander’s in Tacoma, Washington, you’ll find a warm, pristine, welcoming interior carefully designed to elevate the taste of both the setting and its products. Our identity work – ranging from branding, color palettes, logo, and naming – was chosen to complement the coziness of the space and free guests from their inhibitions. The key to making this concept successful was designing an atmosphere that felt open to every level of experience, from beginners eager to ask endless questions and veterans looking for a selection that matches their taste. In other words, we just wanted everyone to feel as comfortable as possible buying flower.

Although the shop is no longer around, the Xander’s identity still represents an incremental step forward for the industry.