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The Pembroke

The Doyle Collection


Web Development
Video Production
Environmental Signage
Menu Design

Situated in the bustling heart of Dupont Circle is The Pembroke, a bright and airy nod to the 1950s serving your choice of fine wines and the best tagines to ever grace your taste buds. There’s no part of this restaurant, embellished with plush coral banquettes, leather barstools and floor-to-ceiling windows, that isn’t a fashion statement. Experience it yourself and you’ll find that even the napkins and toilettes look and feel better than most.

We collaborated with the famed interior architect, Martin Brudnizki, to create this luxury effect for The Pembroke and elevate the taste and refinement of this Doyle Collection destination. What we developed is a personality that pays homage to the Doyle Collection’s Irish roots while serving the urbanity and grandeur required to stand out in the capital city.

Elegance by simplicity is the concept that informed our identity for The Pembroke. The sleekness and clarity of the menu and website was a careful design decision to focus customers’ attention on the food and ambiance.

The Pembroke name came about as we paid tribute to the Doyle Collection’s origin in Pembroke, Ireland.


A design induced drunkenness