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The first rule of The Den is: you do not talk about The Den.
If you wander deep enough through the alluring aromas of Azabu Miami, you will spot an unassuming blue curtain through which you may see some individuals enter, but never come out. Behind that curtain is The Den, a hidden wood-clad sushi counter helmed by Tokyo-trained chefs that elevate Miami’s culinary scene with a transportive omotenashi experience. We were called upon to create an identity for The Den, and we focused on showcasing the intimacy between the food, chefs, and guests sharing the experience. Enjoy, and exit through the hidden door.
The Den’s identity was carefully designed to elicit feelings of exclusivity, class, and unity through the experience.

We opted for warm, dark blue colored menus to compliment the coziness of the room, and our photography and video content aims to showcase the multidimensional property of the experience.