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Natural Chicken Grill

Fast Casual

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Big-box restaurant chains tend to be allergic to street culture – very rarely is the term associated with cleanliness and comfort – but, Natural Chicken Grill is raising its chicken finger to that idea. On their mission to compete with the big-time players in the fast-casual food industry, Natural Chicken Grill partnered with DeepSleep and Saladino Design, an award-winning and longstanding duo, to transform the brand from a stale sleeper into an urban-chic, South Florida go-to.

Our designs tap into a sense of comfort and quality while providing a street culture edge that the new, younger generation can resonate with. DeepSleep, as always, signed the brand’s visual expression – from the logo, colors, patterns, illustrations and web design, while Saladino Design Studios worked to manifest our digital art and concepts into the physical world by designing the interior architecture of the three restaurant locations.

Today, Natural Chicken Grill is the go-to spot for many South Floridians of any age and background with an appetite for freshness. The synergy between DeepSleep and Saladino Designs once again proved to be the recipe for producing memorable and well-rounded brands.

The Saladino’s used warm woods and polished metals to give Natural Chicken Grill an urban and approachable feel. DeepSleep’s illustrations and curated artwork breathe life into the brand’s personality and carve the brand’s own space within the fast-casual food industry.