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Miami Beach Convention Center


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High-budget development projects are often met with friction – and rightfully so – as questions regarding construction time, costs, traffic, and lack of parking may disrupt the community. During pre-launch, the Miami Beach Convention Center brought us in to ease the community’s concerns and cover it’s first-year grand opening and events. Our approach was to show that although the process may have been a little painful, the result is a more beautiful and culturally enhanced Miami Beach experience for all.

Our pre-launch campaign bridged the gap between the voice of the community and the team working on the project, and the result was a smooth and busy launch. During the MBCC’s reopening, we covered massive conventions that have shaped the culture of Miami Beach, from E-Sports gaming championships to Art Basel installations – our coverage reflected the new wave of possibilities in Miami Beach.

Following a wildly successful year one, our partnership with the MBCC continues as we remain the go-to for event coverage and communication with the community.

In 2018, the MBCC leaned on us for a PR campaign as they underwent a $620 million renovation – our team secured a total of 193+ million impressions for the project’s unveiling.