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Gloss Naturals


Art Direction
Web Development
Video Production
Sales Materials

In response to a cosmetics and personal care industry littered with toxic chemical-based products, Gloss Naturals came to us with bold aspirations – to shift perceptions about the ineffectiveness of natural-based beauty products and pave their lane in a crowded beauty landscape. We were game.

Together with a close friend of DeepSleep and photographer, Michael Raveney, we art directed a photoshoot to showcase not only the effectiveness of Gloss’s products but the allure, purity and shine of natural beauty. Our intention – to dare consumers to be bold and experience the inherent difference.

One of the elegancies of Gloss’s organic soy-based brand is its resourcefulness in using materials that the Earth already provides. To carry on this concept, we experimented with natural flowers in our photoshoot to characterize the purity, shared between Gloss’s products and life born from the Earth.

Our web development strategy featured a distinct verbal and visual identity that screams boldness and beauty
while effectively communicating the benefits of Gloss’s organic-based self-care.