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Doyle Bar

The Doyle Collection


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Be our guest! – we’ll slide you a scotch on the rocks as the warm blues, yellows, and reds begin to take their effect. The timber walls adorned with neighborhood artwork will have you twirling your hair or mustache, and before you know it, you’ll be halfway into a deep conversation, about the last novel you read eighteen years ago.

And THEN, the scotch kicks in…
This is the Doyle Bar effect, (a design induced drunkenness) that we collaborated with Swedish interior architect, Martin Brudnizki, to create for the famed Doyle Collection – a carefully curated assemblage of family-owned luxury and urban hotels located in Ireland, the U.K. and the U.S.

Located in the heart of Washington DC, within Dupont Circle Hotel, our design work for the Doyle Bar aimed to create a portal to a new state of feeling.

We wanted guests to enter and immediately unwind, engage in intimate conversation and take a break from the bustling capital city.