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For the majority of people, the word lobbyist brings a great deal of confusion and aversion. Unless you work or have worked in this realm, you most likely belong to the group that associates lobbying with something mysterious, puzzling, unattractive, or too political to get involved in. Diversely, lobbying is a strategy too important for business owners to ignore as it allows their voices to be heard at all levels of government. For Ballard Partners, we developed an identity aimed at transcending the usual perceptions of lobbyists by going beyond the laws and politics to connect with business owners at a human level.

In developing the website for Ballard we knew content was imperative. We flew to eight cities across the country to take in-person headshots of all key employees. We believed this level of candor and attention to detail was critical in our efforts to humanize the firm. In changing Ballard’s tone of voice, we were careful to develop a style that spoke more honestly and directly to business owners while still communicating the intricacies of Ballard’s offering. Ballard’s new website, now sleek and polished, stands out in an industry that tends to intimidate business owners with over-complicated jargon and a government feel.