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“A dead sport” – this is the label widely placed upon the historic 1 1/4 ovals, a horse racing legacy deeply woven into the fabric of American sports and entertainment. What was once a race-day culture infused with an unparalleled passion and patronage is now considered passé and obsolete as 200 years of tradition have driven people away.

The Stronach Group, a leading name in American thoroughbred racing, partnered with us to develop and highlight their new image and dialogue. The goal was to propel the “Sport of Kings” into a promising, new tomorrow. Our message is clear: we don’t want consolation prizes, trophies for participation, or second place. We want 1/ST.

A digital presence serves as a brand’s extension of its physical, tangible offering. With this in mind, we adopted the idiosyncrasies of the racetrack and incorporated flashing and moving pieces to represent the amalgam of exhilaration and unpredictability on the tracks. We created a highly geometric visual distinction as we drew inspiration from the look and feel of iconic horse racing venues.


We were careful to curate content that can both grab and grip mobile users, as the ability to hold attention on mobile was critical to tapping into the younger demographic that would push 1/ST into the future.