Welcome to The Knickerbocker

Think legendary, old school, New York

No we’re not talking about The Lady With The Torch… We’re talking about The Knickerbocker.

A cultural icon and Leading Hotel of the World, The Knickerbocker is a renowned New York City landmark and the city’s premier example of lifestyle hospitality. Built by John Jacob Astor IV in 1906, the hotel was designed to emulate the essence of luxury and prosperity. Over a hundred years later, The Knickerbocker is still the embodiment of affluence- but with a modern twist. Now reborn into a sophisticated urban sanctuary, the hotel serves as an awe-inspiring glance into New York City’s past and future.

When designing The Knickerbocker’s website, renderings were key. Because the hotel had undergone a $40 million renovation, it was paramount that The Knickerbocker’s online presence and user experience matched the slick, minimal interior design. Our goal was to make the user feel like they entered a pristine hotel room when they experience the brand digitally. Finally, we wanted to pay tribute to the hotel’s strong history by keeping the foundation alive with our own modern interpretation.

With the influence of the renderings in our arsenal, we chose a warm and inviting color palette of subtle earth tones to evoke a sense of wealth, opulence, and long-standing tradition. Our goal was to preserve the historical and prestigious feel of the brand and property while still offering guests a fresh and inspiring taste of the city that serves as the heart, soul, and essence of The Knickerbocker.

Fully-developed and responsive, the website we designed for the Knickerbocker hosts stunning images of the building’s modern interior and historic exterior on its home page, as well as head shots and biographies of key characters that contribute to the overall Knickerbocker experience, such as Master Chef Charlie Palmer and award-winning design curators Michael Gabellini and Kim Sheppard. Simple, elegant, and easy to navigate, the website also features detailed information about the Knickerbocker’s history, room selections, dining and lounge establishments, private engagement options, and related press coverage.

A static Google Map formatted in the Knickerbocker’s signature colors offers guests a visual representation of the hotel’s location at the heart of Times Square, while a data capture form at the bottom of every page allows audiences to enter their contact information and subscribe to The Knickerbocker for exclusive news, flyers, and invitations. DeepSleep Studio also created an email template design that maintains the consistency of the web presence and overall branding. The email template serves as the foundation of the hotel’s newsletter to promote hotel specials and dining experiences.