Welcome to Pistils and Petals

Forget everything you know about the traditional, cookie cutter florists

Pistils & Petals is not that place.

When the doors were closing on a chaotic Alton Road, DeepSleep Studio opened a window of opportunity in efforts to keep a brand alive and relevant. Everything from the name to the navigational flow of the website sets Pistils & Petals apart from it’s primitive counterparts. When crafting the identity for this badass flower shop, we were inspired by their innovation and followed suit. The brand’s color palette was inspired by hues of purple to mimic the inherent beauty of nature in flowers. The typography is classic, reminiscent of love notes that accompany an elegant floral arrangement.

To bring the process full circle, our team consulted with Pistils & Petals and planned a kickass launch party at the SLS hotel to unveil the brand’s transformation.