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Our flight is making a landing and we’ve made it the lush surroundings of the Dominican Republic.

JetBlue wanted to increase awareness in the Dominican Republic and highlight a Mother’s Day video produced a couple of years ago. While this video is a great representation of the Dominican culture, it did not receive the desired attention JetBlue anticipated. JetBlue wanted to reinforce the airline’s commitment to the market and demonstrate an understanding of Dominican values, ultimately making the airline more approachable to consumers through social media.

DeepSleep Studio proposed to launch a sweepstakes on Facebook for JetBlue Airways targeting the Dominican Republic by giving away five roundtrip tickets for Mother’s Day. We created two geo-targeted Facebook advertisements to target the Dominican Republic. The first was a teaser post with a custom edit of the Mother’s Day video to inform followers to stay tuned for an upcoming sweepstakes taking place on JetBlue’s Facebook page.

Next, we posted the full video on Facebook informing users to click the link to enter a custom landing page and enter the sweepstakes to win a free roundtrip flight from the Dominican Republic to New York. We designed the website to fit within JetBlue’s brand guidelines while creating an individual identity for the campaign, complete with a custom logo and typeset.

One week before the sweepstakes went live, we published a teaser all over the Dominican Republic to users between the ages of 18 to 65, specifically targeting tourism, travel, airline, and Hispanic culture sub groups. This post had an estimated reach of 58,000 – 150,000 people. We exceed expectations and reached over a million users in the Dominican Republic. Our custom campaign reached 10% of the population of the entire country and the sweepstakes had over 6,000 entries.

Our reach greatly surpassed expectations due to organic sharing of the campaign, which in turn created awareness of JetBlue’s services in the Dominican Republic leading to an increase in airline sales in the future.

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