Welcome to Emerge

Technology in Miami. Nope, That’s not a typo. It’s downloaded here, too

Since the beginning, DeepSleep Studio has been eMerge Americas’ visual and commercial partner. A place where ideas flow freely and innovation rules – we are continuously inspired when creating a cinematic journey to reminisce on the adventures of the conference.

With a clear mission to establish Miami as the tech hub of the Americas, eMerge Americas has made its mark on the technology scene in a short amount of time. Once the idea was conceived, the Technology Foundation of the Americas was created to help advance the tech ecosystem. Miami’s homegrown tech conference is building momentum, attracting a global audience, and connecting investors with innovators.

Our videographers create TV commercials to advertise and encourage tech enthusiasts to experience eMerge Americas. We also create all the animated visuals that play on all the screens throughout the conference from the expo floors, keynotes, sponsors, and events.

When the conference comes to a close, the real fun begins for us. Our video department works closely with eMerge Americas’ creative team to ensure the brand remains intact when translated to the video platform. We create a video recap that outlines the highlights of the event and sell tickets for upcoming years.