Welcome to DJ Irie

A new approach to web development & functionality

The DJ Irie brand has evolved into a household name that transcends entertainment and sports. As brand ambassador to a select group of like minded companies, DJ Irie continues to utilize his wide-ranging network and decades of experience to develop innovative, meaningful, and brand-building initiatives that allow these partnerships to thrive. An entrepreneur himself, DJ Irie also holds an ownership stake in a number of companies in which he believes in.

DJ Irie came to us for a new brand identity, after ten years with his old logo. He wanted his new look to still be recognizable to the public and encompass a music related feel. The logo we created for DJ Irie exhibits the essence of the brand. From the modern nature of the font to the sleek, metallic hue, the logo accurately conveys the household name that is DJ Irie. The shadows provide the logo with a depth that seems three dimensional.

The main color components include cool tones to convey a sense of authentic confidence. The inclusion of subtle blue serves as a pop of color to mimic the lively nature of the DJ Irie brand. We chose two complementary fonts to carry through the brand identity’s clean and timeless feel.

We believe that the online experience of a brand should be one that intrigues and excites. From the moment a user enters the website, the loader catches eyes with a custom animation of the DJ Irie Logo. This is a perfect example of how we take it a step further when creating a brand and translating it to the web.

The photography on the site is striking. It all starts with the team photos. Each photo of DJ Irie’s team is a subtle animation of the individuals being completely themselves— smiling subtly or laughing from within. We took it a step even further for Irie and upgraded the site’s standard Social Media Integration by transforming each network with Irie dancing and being himself to match the tone of each network. This unique approach to our web design keeps user engaged and on the website.

Live the IRIE LIFE