Our mark on Solar

SOLARMY is a renewable energy company focused on helping families and homeowners go solar while protecting their interests in the process. The company first approached us for help on redesigning the identity of their COVID-19 relief program, which offered special deals for easing the transition process to solar amid the pandemic. In getting under the hood of their brand, we noticed an opportunity to position SOLARMY as a thought leader on environmental issues and take their business to a new level.

We began by redesigning their logo. Our inspiration was the one common shape that unites us all – the circle. From our pupils to the sun, the moon, and our very own Earth, this simple shape unites purity with the complexity of life. Its meaning of unity suited SOLARMY’s new brand strategy perfectly and provides clear artistic guidelines for the future. Regarding social media, we developed a unique visual and verbal identity aimed at communicating the economic benefits of going solar while building a coalition around their message – Operation Earth. Our PR team has also been working to publicize SOLARMY and their new brand strategy by aggressively reaching out to media outlets and influencers. Thus far, our work with SOLARMY has only just begun, and we look forward to elevating this exciting, purpose-driven brand. Stay tuned for the new SOLARMY website, coming soon.