Blog What Can Social Media Do For Your Brand? At What Cost?

  • What Can Social Media Do For Your Brand? At What Cost?

Implementing a social media presence for your business can provide invaluable insight, increase brand awareness, reach potential clients and communicate with existing ones, and keep an eye on your closest competitors.

Social media has been growing since its inception and it’s now become clear that it cannot be ignored. Put simply, your business is missing out on critical touch points and marketing efforts if you’re not on social media.

At DeepSleep Studio, we manage many social media accounts for businesses spanning a wide range of industries. A large misconception we encounter when working with prospective social media clients is the gravity of social marketing.

Whether you outsource your business’s social media management to an agency, or handle it in house, it absolutely will cost you dollars in advertising to truly see a return on your investment.

In recent years, Facebook has evolved its algorithm to show users what it thinks they want to see, which almost never includes business pages. Since Facebook now owns Instagram too, the same principle applies to the photo centric platform with over 400 million active users.

This means that business pages essentially need to pay Facebook for visibility on both Facebook and Instagram. In conclusion, no matter how you run your brand’s social media presence, understand that social marketing cannot be ignored at the risk of guaranteeing invisibility and irrelevance.

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