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The pandemic brought with it many hurdles for restaurants to overcome – less foot traffic, less revenue, and more costs related to health regulations made it difficult for restaurants to stay afloat. As creatives, we viewed these challenges as an opportunity for creativity and collaboration between local businesses, so we bridged a partnership between Latin Cafe and Bang Bang Bakehouse to create exclusive rum cake desserts that proved to be a smash hit within the local community. Prepare your tastebuds for some ridiculously good cake – introducing “La Descarada” and “El Chulo.”

The names are a play on local Hispanic language and were meant to spark conversation and Instagrammable pictures – descaradas and chulos, you know who you are. Building off the names, we created personalities that correspond to the desserts’ different flavor profiles and we worked with close friend of DeepSleep, Ruben Pictures, to co produce content that showcase these personalities through music and visuals.

Thus far, the guava and cafe con leche creations have sparked great excitement around Latin Cafe and Bang Bang Bakehouse, and have received attention from well-known Miami influencers and eaters. This project has shown everyone involved that there’s always room for creativity even in the strangest of circumstances.