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Davidoff of Geneva USA, a leading name in the premium cigar industry, sought to enhance their customer experience by introducing a comprehensive B2B customer portal. They aimed to enable retailers to place orders 24/7, access purchasing history, support history, order status updates, and more. To achieve this, Davidoff partnered with DeepSleep Studio to develop and implement the ACCESS portal, aligning with their vision from the start and shaping the customer journey through strategic web design and educational content.

The Challenge

Davidoff needed a robust, user-friendly portal that would:

  1. Allow retailers to place orders at any time.
  2. Provide a comprehensive view of purchasing history, support interactions, and order status updates.
  3. Free up Davidoff’s sales representatives to focus on strategic in-store tasks rather than order taking.
  4. Offer educational resources to assist users in navigating the new platform.

Our Approach

1. Strategic Alignment and Planning:

From the outset, DeepSleep Studio worked closely with Davidoff’s management team to understand their goals and customer needs. This collaboration was crucial in mapping out the customer journey and ensuring the portal would deliver a seamless experience.


2. Online Experience

DeepSleep Studio crafted preliminary beta layouts to collaborate with management on executing the vision. Our design focused on ease of use, ensuring that retailers could effortlessly navigate through the portal to place orders, check their history, and access support.


3. Educational Content Creation:

Recognizing the importance of user education, we organized a full production day to create a series of instructional videos. These videos were designed to guide new users through the platform’s features, demonstrating how to place orders, track status updates, and utilize other functionalities. The videos were integrated into the backend of the website, providing an easily accessible and valuable resource for users.

4. Implementation and Support:

Post-launch, DeepSleep Studio continued to support Davidoff by monitoring the portal’s performance and making necessary adjustments based on user feedback. We ensured the educational videos remained up-to-date, reflecting any changes or enhancements to the platform.


The ACCESS portal, shaped by DeepSleep Studio’s strategic input and design, has transformed Davidoff’s customer experience.

  • Increased Sales: Retailers can now place orders anytime, leading to a significant increase in sales.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Sales representatives are now able to focus on in-store activities like education, events, and merchandising, rather than order taking.
  • Improved User Experience: The portal’s intuitive design and comprehensive educational resources have made it easy for retailers to adapt to the new system.
  • Positive Feedback: Retailers have praised the portal for its ease of use and the valuable insights it provides into their purchasing history and order status.

Client Testimonial

“Our partnership with DeepSleep Studio has been instrumental in the successful launch of our ACCESS portal. Their strategic alignment with our goals, combined with their expertise in web design and content creation, has delivered a platform that not only meets but exceeds our expectations. The educational videos have been particularly valuable in assisting our retailers, making the transition to the new system seamless.” – Dylan Austin, President of Davidoff of Geneva USA


DeepSleep Studio’s collaboration with Davidoff of Geneva USA in creating the ACCESS portal highlights our ability to deliver comprehensive digital solutions that enhance customer experience and drive business growth. By aligning with client goals and focusing on user-centric design and education, we have helped Davidoff lead the way in B2B omni-channel commerce within the premium cigar industry.