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Warning – we’re about to get very Miami right now. Our head of PR, Mabel De Beunza, and her team have an uncanny knack for tapping into the culture of our community to gain nationwide press for clients. We’ll start with the opening of Latin Café 2000 Brickell, and how we stayed true to the spirit of Miami to set the new restaurant apart.

In search of a creative way to give Latin Café some momentum, a quick brainstorm and some croquetas (for brain fuel, of course) gave birth to the Cafetera Sky. As a nod to the ‘Umbrellas in the Sky’ installation in Coral Gables, our team blended newsworthy content with a pop culture concept that tugs at the heartstrings of the local community. The installation was made of over 200 rainbow-colored cafeteras that were both kitschy, Instagrammable, and a play on Miami culture.

The brilliance didn’t stop there though – when the holidays rolled around, the annual pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey sparked another idea. Mabel thought, “If the President can pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving, why can’t the Mayor pardon a pig for Nochebuena?” In Miami, where roast pork, or lechon, is as omnipresent as café con leche, the coming of Nochebuena means impending doom for many unfortunate pigs, and a perfect PR opportunity for the mayor to save two of them at Latin Café 2000. Like that, a new Miami-Dade County tradition – The Lechón Pardoning Ceremony at Latin Café – was born.


So far – Layla, Luna, Peppa, and Petra, the pot-bellied pigs have Mabel to thank for missing their date with ‘la caja china.’ And Latin Café has appeared on USA Today, the Miami Herald, the Associated Press, and Channel 7 News as a result of this stunt gone viral.


The Cafetera Sky at Latin Café has now become the restaurant’s signature entrance and a “Miami Masterpiece” as written by The piece has received press from Eater Miami, El Nuevo Herald,, and MSN.