DeepSleep visits Sweden

In this episode of freezing our asses off, we flew to Sweden and visited the second-largest bitcoin mining operation in the entire world, manned by our good friend and client Robert Collazo and his Bit5ive LLC team. Mind-boggled, we feasted our eyes on the inner-workings of an expanding crypto farm as trucks filled with hundreds of miners (computers used to crypto mine) rolled into the facility. We were struck by the idiosyncrasies of the operation and gained a new found respect for the potential of the cryptocurrency industry.

We got our drone stuck in a windstorm, slid off the snow into an embankment, got stranded during blizzard, and saw an acres-long Facebook data storage facility that holds all of our secrets. This was exactly the type of trip we love – unforgettable.

Miguel “Gara” Alvarez · Alex Martinez · Robert Collazo
– Photographed by Julian Beats